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The valves are durable, ensuring a long lasting lifespan at an affordable price. Keystone figure 106 resilient seated butterfly valve is ideally suited for many applications. Triad high performance butterfly valves sthl, sthw have been designed and manufactured for fluid control handling in suitable mechanical systems. Keystone figure 9 butterfly valve a resilient seated butterfly valve for general purpose applications features bubbletight shutoff at full pressure rating ptfe lined configuration is drop tight. However, instead of a ball mounted in the valve body a circular disc called a butterfly because the two half circles around the vertical shaft appear like wings. Api 609 construction wafer, lugged, fl anged pressure temp. Ar1ar2 butterfly valves replaceable seats, keystone fig. This instruction manual provides installation, maintenance, and parts information for nps 14 through 48 fisher 8532 highperformance butterfly valves.

The higher the cv, the greater the flow and the better the control characteristics. Milliken valve was started over three decades ago manufacturing the eccentric plug valve for the waste water and hvac marketplace. Keystone composeal resilient seated butterfly valves valve data k v values size dn 40 50 65 80 100 125 150 200 250 300 disc opening parallel flats actuator flange according iso 5211 flange locating holes mounting holes pcd. A wide variety of keystone butterfly valve options are available to you, such as pressure, power, and temperature of media. Garlock butterfly valves butterfly valves garlock butterfly valves are renowned throughout the chemical, petrochemical, process and many other industrial sectors for their quality, performance and reliability in arduous conditions.

Keystone series gr resilient seated butterfly valves grwgrl iso material specification part name material designation endin mat. Keystone valves has a comprehensive range of valves to suit a wide range of industrial applications. Specify size, figure number, part name, material and flange accommodation when ordering spareparts. Industries using center line resilient seat valve products include. China keystone butterfly valve supplier honest provides ar1 lug butterfly valves, ar2 wafer butterfly valves, flanged, used for fire protection, etc. The seat and the disc are the only two valve parts in contact with the medium. Keystone figure 250 and 251 hygienic butterfly valves wafer type f250 wafer flange imperial valve dimensions mm valve size kv dn nps oa1 oa2 ob c d e f pcd no. All valves shall be kv 45001450 butterfly valves, or approved equal. Manually operated valve manually operated butterfly valves are powered with gear actuators, which. Keystone rmi dubex butterfly valve awwa facetoface cv values nps opening angle deg notes 1.

Wafer style butterfly valve click here for catalog information on keystones fig 9. The highly reliable butterfly valve has successfully completed over 10,000. Valves can be categorized into the following types, based on their operating mechanism. Keystone butterfly valves are suited for applications that have to do with isolation and the control of liquids, gases or slurries. Valve size 4 butterfly valve, 4 keystone ar1 wafer style. Keystone hilok high performance butterfly valves seat options hilok rtfe seat the seat is made of filled rtfe in order to minimize cold flow effects at high temperatures.

A butterfly valve is generally 40% the cost of an iron gate. All butterfly valves shall be of the rubberseated, tightclosing type. Mass kg fully open note dimension e is the maximum clearance length for either handle. Keystone composeal resilient seated butterfly valves wafer style pressure bar psi weight kg lbs valve size dn nps composeal traditional valve valve benefits integrated iso 5211 top plate smooth composite body surface eliminating. Keystone,biffi,westlock controls butterfly valves overview. Ttriple ofriple offset butterflfset butterfly vy valvalveses. Keystone series gr butterfly valve keystone the keystone series gr is a general purpose resilient seated butterfly valve available in flanged, lugged or wafer body style for any service where droptight shutoff and maximum flow area is required. Originally designing, patenting and introducing the butterfly valve in 1951, keystone developed a strong reputation for reliability, quality and service. Bf series waferlug butterfly valves milliken valve. Resilient seated flanged butterfly valve created date. Valves are cycle tested as per awwa c504 requirements.

About 19% of these are valves, 0% are pipe fittings, and 1% are other valve parts. As one of the most durable resilientseated butterfly valves in the. Pentair hygienic process valves formerly keystone hygienic butterfly valves weldclampthread end connections the f250 and 251 butterfly valves are used for inline isolation or control of process or c. Butterfly damper valves selection guide more detailed product information is available on our website. Triple offset butterfly valve f416 monel k500 174ph f6a f51 xm19 inconel 718 616ht 7 9 1 4 5 6 9 a n p f51 xm19 inconel 718 174ph 410 stl.

The f250 and 251 butterfly valves are used for inline isolation or control of process or c. All butterfly valves shall be in full conformance with the design, manufacturing, and testing standards set forth by the american water works association awwa in standard ansiawwa c504. Common high performance applications are found in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, mining and power industries. They provide longlasting tightness and industryleading valve reliability, certified to sil 3. Pentair hygienic butterfly valves f250f251 pentair. Butterfly valves category b the expertise in butter. Pentair hygienic butterfly valves can be operated either by a manual handle or remotely controlled by an automated pneumatic actuator. Keystone air actuators pneumatic include both double acting and spring return actuators, with or without manual overrides. Ductile iron nickle plated, ductile iron nylon 11, cf8m stainless steel, aluminum bronze. The most common method of presenting this information is by c. Provided with upper and lower bronze stem bearings to absorb actuator side thrust and minimize friction torque. Resilient seated butterfly valves submittaltechnical data.

Huamei high performance butterfly valves are available in sizes from 2 60 in ansiasme, din standards. Additional precautions may be required for certain. F250 for inch od tubing f251 for metric tubing pentair hygienic process valves formerly keystone with pentairs unique wafer flanged valve, removing the valve from the pipeline is as quick and easy as undoing the jacking bolts. Not sure where the step files went, but you can contact keystone directly for the step files. Full flanged chloride service butterfly valve series 35f. The keystone butterfly valves are used to isolate and regulate the flow of the liquids, gases or slurries. Keystone is a recognized world leader in butterfly valves for marine processes. They shall meet or exceed awwa standard c504, latest edition, class 150 or class 250. Sp68 high pressure offset disc butterfly valves api 609 butterfly valves most models 607 firetest for soft seated quarterturn valves 598 valve inspection and test bs 5146 inspection and test of steel valves for the petroleum, petrochemical and allied industries 4504 flanges and bolting for pipes, valves and fittings. About 88% of these are valves, 0% are pipe fittings, and 6% are other valve parts. Manufactured since 1951, keystone butterfly valves are suitable for applications for isolation and control of liquids, gasses and slurries. Lengths are based on the minimum flange thickness of weld neck flanges per ansi b16.

Replaceable, metalreinforced seat, completely encapsulated by rubber, isolates the stem. The fnw figure hp high performance butterfly valves are designed to fit between ansi b16. Stud lengths also assume heavy hex nut heights per ansi b18. Klok figures 360362 asme 150 keystone klok figures 370. Do not install, operate, or maintain an 8532 valve without being fully trained and qualified in valve, actuator, and accessory installation, operation, and maintenance. See table 1 for tabulated cvs for the figure ar1ar2 butterfly valve.

Gates and globes require multiple turns to open and close. Rb3 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 percent of flow percent of valve opening actual flow curve. Keystone valves we supply keystone valves, keystone was the pioneer of the butterfly valve and began manufacturing in 1951. Depressurize and, if necessary in case of dangerous fluids, drain the line and flush with appropriate cleaning fluid before starting any maintenance. Valve size 4 butterfly valve, 4 keystone ar1 wafer style undercut butterfly valve larger image the delval series 50 wafer body and series 52 lug body butterfly valves have been developed with extensive application, design and manufacturing expertise. Since then they have developed many butterfly valve styles designed to suit various applications and industries. Ease of opening or closing means that butterfly valves can employ less expensive operators. Flange accommodation must be specified when ordering. Keystone hilok high performance butterfly valves seat options hilok metal pp seat pulp and paper the valve has been specifically designed for pulp and paper applications. Carbon steel body stainless steel disc and stem iso 5211 actuation mounting. Keystone butterfly valves figure ar1ar2 general purpose valve. As a part of the flotite group, maxseal high performance butterfly valves are backed by the resources and experience of over thirty five years of process valve. This turning force in a butterfly valve is determined by three factors the friction of the disc and seat due to interference for sealing, bearing friction, and fluid dynamic torque. This valve is used in many applications where large diameter valves are used, such as water transmission, chemical.

Valves common types butterfly valves butterfly valves use a similar principle to ball valves. Rocky mountain valves and automation keystone emerson. Originally designing, patenting and introducing the butterfly valve in 1951, keystone now a pentair company product line developed a strong reputation for reliability, quality and service. Q is the disc chordal dimension at face of valve for disc clearance into pipe fitting or equipment. The designs for these valves are created in a 3d environment using the latest design and analysis software. Class 150 valves mate with pipeline flanges conforming to the class 125 requirements and class 300 valves are designed to mate with class 250 pipe. Epdm classification r no contact with petroleum based fluids.

Stockham butterfly valves many years of valve experience have been incorporated into the design and production of stockham butterfly valves. Resilient seated butterfly valves are bubble tight by design. Resilient seated butterfly valves general purpose valves keystone series grf large diameter valves a double flanged style body with facetoface dimensions according to api 609 24 to 48 and awwa c504 54 to 72. General terms use of highquality stainless steel and seal materials to the specified requirements, the butterfly valve range delta svs1f is applicable in the food and beverage industries as well as in the. Butterfly valve paraseal range, keystone, isolation valves emerson. Tyco valves and controls is not liable for possible damage or physical injury resulting from the misuse or improper installation, operation, adjustment, and maintenance of the actuator. Under an iso 9001 quality assurance program, it assures each valve we produce meets or exceeds your application requirements. A wide variety of keystone butterfly valves options are available to you, such as pressure, power, and temperature of media. The design is such that the critical dead areas of the valve, as well as the disc, body liner and seals, can be sterilized with steam without coming in contact with. Again the orientation of the butterfly determines the flowrate. The valves can be used to regulate flow rate by positioning the disc between 15 and 90 degrees open. The albion range is designed strictly in accordance with api609, en593, mss sp67, awwa c504, and specially designed for the following process functions. Specifying and the technical evaluation of butterfly valves.

These valves are ideally suited to many applications where tight shutoff is required, such as. The success and growth of the company are based on continuous technical innovation offered to its customers. Resilient seated butterfly valves process valves these valves are used when sanitary service, corrosion or erosion resistance is required in isolation or control valve applications. It is important to follow the instruction to assure valve installation and. Different types of valves with pdf file engineering. Keystone butterfly valves figure ariar2 234 589 1 045 2385 5085 7900 10800 15000 18400 25900 42500 65000 262 647 580 2892 4593 1 0000 1 3000 1 8000 22000 30000 47000 70000 general purpose valve valve sizing rate of flow through a valve depends upon the pressure drop. The versatile valve is offered in a variety of elastomerdisc combinations to address myriad process requirements. The simplicity of design, ease of installation and low installed cost are just some of the reasons for such wide acceptance of these valves. Townley slurry handling valves townley has created a unique line of slurry valves specifically designed to provide excellent reliable service in severe applications found in matrix, inplant beneficiation and tailings for mining, as well as, limestone slurry, bottom ashhandling and water isolation in. Other keystone butterfly valves we can provide include.

Aquaseal 16 integrallymoulded butterfly valve pn 16 aquaseal 16 integrallymoulded butterfly valve sets a new benchmark in performance for butterfly valves. These valves are used primarily in the water, wastewater, and industrial markets. Vf6000va300va200 series vf6000 series butterfly valve. The computeraided design cad files and all associated content posted to this website are created, uploaded, managed and owned by third party users. Keystone electric actuators are available in a variety of voltages and speed ranges, including a variety of keystone positioners. The keystone butterfly valves figure 9 are designed to require a minimum of maintenance. Growth has been constant with the addition of an awwa butterfly valve, general service butterfly valve, swing check valve, rubber. Double offset high performance butterfly valves submittaltechnical data. Flange hole drilling per international flange standard as specified. The manual version comes standard with a dualmultiposition handle notch plate, which can be easily reconfigured to suit the specific installation by being positioned in any of the four operating quadrants, and also is supplied standard with a padlock facility. Keystone figure 221222 butterfly valve emerson electric. A french high performance butterfly valves designer. Throttling characteristics are shown in the same manner with cvs at the various disc openings. Vf6000 series butterfly valve and actuator regulation of hot water and chilled water in hvac system water.

The brand was increased to include the keystone, pneumatic and electric actuators and controls which give our valve packages seamless compatibility and gives the owners a single point of. Valve selection applicable standards dezurik bhp high performance butterfly valves are designed andor tested to meet the following standards. Garlock valves set the standard in taluft compliance, plus the valves are certified with s1l 3 according to en 61508. Milv223 butterfly valve keystone figure 129 and 9 223s are heavy duty cartridge seat designed, resilient seated butterfly valves that are ideally suited for seawater service within the commercial marine and offshore markets. F612 lugged style resilient seated bidirectional butterfly valve in sizes 50 300mm to 1600 kpa. Tfp1540 0818 resilientseated gate valves outside screw and yoke. Failure to do so may cause serious personal injury andor equipment damage. Round butterfly valve discs rotate 14 turns to provide tight shutoff in air or water pipelines. Keystone butterfly valve dn350 3d cad model library grabcad. Butterfly valves shall be resilient seated and of the quarter turn, single offset, mechanically retained seal in body type. Keystone figure 106 resilient seated butterfly valve author.

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